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Estimation Made Easy

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Whether you’re looking for one type of hardscaping material or planning a large landscape renovation, we’ve got you covered with this list of product types and quick links to each one. Never miss a step on your landscape materials installation!

Landscape Rocks

Hundreds of sizes and colors of decorative rock, stone, boulders, flagstone, and gravel for solutions in landscaping, xeriscaping, construction, and many other hardscape applications

Soils and Dirt

Rich topsoil, compost, or planting mixes to fit any landscape design or building project



Washed sand for residential and commercial applications in a variety of sizes and colors


Mulch and Bark

Lightweight shredded mulch, dyed green waste, or bark for improved water retention



Metal, recycled, painted, and paver edging perfect for creating a boundary within any landscape

Fabric Weed Barrier

Help keep your landscape weed-free with a permeable product


Natural stone or concrete pavers in a variety of sizes and colors for a beautiful but durable addition to any landscape design

Retaining Walls

All the pieces you need for a strong, sustainable landscape foundation for garden walls, soil retainment, and irregular terrain

Fire Features and Outdoor Kitchens

Full kitchen sets, stainless steel grills, fire pits, and firebowls for that additional wow factor and functionality for your outdoor living space

Synthetic Turf

Made in America, our low maintenance synthetic turf is the ideal solution for keeping your landscape green year around



Strong and reliable tools that provide safety and save you time on your landscaping project


Cleaners, Adhesives,
and Sealers

Secure, protect, and restore hardscape materials for the long term


Winter Landscape Products

Quality products to help you face harsh winter conditions with confidence


You’ve gone through your checklist, you have your mulch, rock, soil, and now all you need is a few tips and tricks to complete the perfect landscape masterpiece. Our helpful YouTube video library serves as an online resource for ideas and solutions to make your project come to life.

Visit our YouTube channel today or start by watching the videos below.

2 Simple Steps for Refreshing Hardscape Pavers

While pavers are a low maintenance addition to a traditional landscape project, they aren’t no maintenance. To ensure a long life for any paver installation, follow these two steps.

Contractors, Design a Stunning Backyard with These Popular Hardscape Features

If you’re interested in expanding your services and helping your customers create stunning backyard hangouts, here are four types of hardscape solutions you can offer to install for them.

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